A traveling exhibition exhibition is:

  • - a bright event that creates a unique atmosphere and attracts visitors;
  • - a creative tool for advertising campaigns, event activities;
  • - an unusual design for your parties and themed events;
  • - a positive emotions, pleasant experience for visitors of all ages.

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Under the conditions of general market saturation and the ubiquitous competition, it is important to use any means to be head and shoulders above competitors. And it is possible for very reasonable money, which later will be compensated by an abundance of attention and raised revenue. Traveling exhibitions from our company will help you in the market struggle.

About Us

"AET/Amusement & Edutainment technologies" works in the entertainment industry more than ten years and during that time we have accumulated vast experience in creating realistic, colorful and exciting traveling exhibits, rides for shopping centers. This direction has appeared in our country recently, but at the same precursors such events, namely strolling musicians and circuses, museums and stationary market barkers known for hundreds of years around the world. We just brought the technology to the ideal marketing added frills, worked with research in the field of psychology and, of course, based on its vast experience, created a unique product.

How does it work

Today it is difficult to come up with something really worthwhile, exciting and unique. Something amazing, but not too challenging and deterrent, something that will draw attention and views of people passing by. Even in a small town it is often difficult to find a receptive potential customer. What can we say about the big cities, it is necessary to organize a huge PR company to present a new supermarket here, otherwise its just no one will notice. Live installation, attractions for shopping malls, exhibition of dinosaurs and any scale scenery are impressive, delights and bring positive emotions. And at the same time they are quite affordable and incredibly profitable.

Such a spectacle will attract attention once and due to word of mouth, the work of social networks and various services to exchange data, photos, will attract potential visitors, and those in turn more and more. Exhibitions for shopping centers are far from being settled down, and often become a sensation. They will attract the attention of both children and adults, which at that time while children play and admire the exposition will be engaged in shopping or relax. In any case, the exhibits will attract attention and become a place of rest, and thus increase the number of visitors and, consequently, the prestige and quality of service in a shopping institution in the eyes of customers.

To invite exhibition, you just need to call or fill out the feedback form. In no time a team of experts will assess the opportunities, match the realities and prepare the most advantageous and efficient proposal. The main technical conditions necessary premises sufficient area and relatively spacious entrance. At this end requirements!

What you get is unparalleled. This corner of euphoria. Visiting your mall perhaps out of curiosity or with the intended purpose, potential customers will get a real fairy tale. They will learn something new and interesting, get a lot of positive emotions and vivid impressions and will be able to escape from the city.

Reveal, throwing off the burden of care in a good mood it is much easier to make purchases burdensome, and that is in your favor. Moreover, customer loyalty will increase many times. And more importantly, is human nature is to share positive experiences, so he will come again and again, bringing with them friends, talk about the exhibition relatives and friends.

Emotions represent true value for which the people come to the mall. So give them enough. So that customers will come again and again. Shows dinosaurs attractions for shopping centers, unique dolls dinosaur, bright decorations and exhibitions - and much more.

We are constantly improving and growing, offering even better products of higher quality. Call now, let your institution will become a place of pilgrimage for the laughter, joy and gladness.