Design - project by AET

The creation of each project begins with the selection of the concept. If you want to create a stunning, attractive and profitable entertainment facilities, but you do not have ideas, we also provide you with the conceptual design of your project, analyzing the layout of your room, its location, average wages, and so on, to have a complete picture of the implementation of a successful profitable project. Our designers will create for you a unique, one-of-a-kind facility that meets your aesthetic and financial needs. At your request can be created layout, 3d visualization, drawings, as an exact copy of your entertainment facilities, the visual material on the basis of the developed concept.

We can depict in detail which the attraction is better to use, given the dynamics of the constantly evolving entertainment attractions, and where is the best option to install it. We can also offer you to use already available concept, adapted to your project area, and budget. Regardless of your decision on the concept, you will receive a complete set of necessary documentation (layout and equipment specifications, 3D model of the project, outline drawing, deployed detailed sketches of each element, etc.) required to perform all phases of your project.